Tai Chi

What is Tai-Chi-Chuan?

Dragon/Phoenix Internal Family is a method of studying the Taoist healing arts. At the core of our curriculum is mastery of the eight minute solo form which is Tai-Chi-Chuan. In addition, we learn to add Chi-Kung to our daily training. Chi-Kung is ancient Chinese yoga; moving and stationary breathing exercises which enhance the energy cultivation and deepen the relaxation and centering benefits of the Tai-Chi-Chuan set. By the time we understand these skills we are through the "Gateway" and have an ancient way to put health in our hands....center,relax...and discover our true nature...which is the aim of our Taoist healing arts.

This school is a founding member of the Maine Tai-Chi-Chuan Assocation.

Sifu Ripley''s background in Tai-Chi Chuan started in Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has studied with the true masters of the art. He would like to pass this priceless information on to you. Come join Sifu in his daily training.