The Eastern Maine School of Self-Defense was established in 1976 by Sensei Bruce Barker. A leader in Maine Karate for over the past 30 years, the EMSSD has offered quality instruction in the martial arts to thousands of students. To this day, the EMSSD continues to offer it's students the opportunity to learn the arts in a clean, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. All of our teachers are experienced, each bringing unique qualities to the education of the students. The classes here at the Veazie location are taught by Sensei Glen Kennedy, Sempai Brian Perkins, Sempai, Hillary Kennedy. Sempai Theda Honnell.   Our internal classes 'Nei Jya' are taught by Sifu Wayne Ripley.

While visiting this site you will learn more about Karate, Tai-Chi Chuan ( Nei Jya ) , Self-defense and some of the many other programs we offer. It is our goal, through this site, to give you this information and tell you everything you would like to know about our school. If your questions are not answered, we encourage you to contact us and we will be happy to give you the information requested.

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